Top 10 Print On Demand Websites For Artists

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Here is a quick look at my top 10 print on demand websites for artists and why. Its just my opinion and you may find different platforms work better for you so feel free to try them all out for yourselves.

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1. Society6

Society6 was the first pay on demand website I started with and is to this day the most financially rewarding. I've done a bit of investigating over the years and talked to friends involved with POD websites and Society6 is generally one of the biggest sellers out there. Its super easy to get started and the artists studio makes it easy to upload your artwork to a wide range of products. They also put a lot of time into promoting artists, interviews and features so its definitely worth giving it a go if you're looking for a POD platform. The ability to adjust your royalty percentage is a big plus for Society6, making it a firm favorite amongst POD artists. Its worth mentioning that Society6 is part of the leaf group which also operate Deny Designs. Deny Designs often work with big retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Target and look directly towards Society6 for new talent and artists to carry forward, making it a potentially pretty exciting platform to grow your brand. I have a final big point which often goes unmentioned and that's Society6's affiliate program. Simply sign up (here are some quick steps on how), start sharing Society6 links and get paid. If you're already using Society6 its a great way to make extra income as an artist. Its also perfect if you're writing a blog or building a website.

2. Redbubble

Redbubble is often mentioned hand-in-hand with Society6 as one of the most significant print on demand websites out there. For many Redbubble should be in the number one spot. According to trackalytics Redbubble receives about 2.5 million page views a day! When you compare this to Society's 500,000 its easy to see why Redbubble is one of the most talked about POD platforms. It has a similar interface to Society6 making it incredibly user friendly. The ability to upload to multiple products at once is a huge plus as well as being able to set your own margins. For me the platform falls a little short on its community side of things... in that it doesn't really have one. The great thing about Society6 is they post artist spotlights and share trends which gives it a feeling of being more inclusive. Redbubble sometimes feels more like a market than a community but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The other issue with Redbubble is that it is hugely competitive. I've read quite a few articles about people who trend hunt on redbubble and then flood the market to get sales. Unfortunately the tactic does seem to work but it often means good work gets lost in the huge amount of uploads Redbubble experiences daily. Redbubble also has an affiliate program but unfortunately they don't approve everyone to join. Overall Redbubble is a super easy platform and a huge market to get discovered on, placing it firmly in my number 2 spot.

3. Displate

I'm breaking from most blogs here so please bear with me. The ranking system is determined by ease of use and potential reward (the age old "does it pay" question). For me Displate is pretty simple but great. Its limited in that they just sell prints on metal plate which is a bit of a shame but they do make sales and they do put a lot of effort into advertising and trying to push your designs. The upload system is incredibly easy and even allows you to upload multiple artworks at once. There is however a limit to how many uploads you can make in one day (I think its 10). For some people this will be annoying but for me I think its great and honestly I kind of wish Redbubble would do this to solve there market saturation issues. Put simply Displate is super user friendly and a pretty successful platform and honestly doesn't get enough love from most POD blogs.

4. FY!

FY! is another underrated print on demand website. You have to apply to be an artist on their platform. Once selected you send them your artworks and their team work with you to get your artwork onto their products. There are quite a few POD sites (eg. casetify) out there that work in a similar way with applications. The application process can be frustrating but keep trying. Once accepted, the reward can be worth it especially as the competition is often more limited than public access POD platforms.

5. Tee Public

Tee Public is a well designed platform that has a lot going for it. They mainly sell t-shirts but in recent years they have expanded to include other products such as art prints, mugs and cushions etc. The upload process is very easy and user friendly. It's probably also one of the fastest uploaders out of this list as well which is great when you have slow internet. There is also no cap on how many products you can upload at once. Redbubble owns Tee Public so it is no surprise that the two platforms operate quite similarly. Quick tip: make sure you set default background colours on all products otherwise they won't show up in your storefront. I've only just started to properly build my store on Tee Public so I still haven't experienced many sales but from what I hear from friends it can bring in a steady income.


Printful is one of the biggest and oldest POD sites out there. While technically a print on demand service it acts in a very different way to the websites mentioned so far. The big difference is that Printful doesn't do any direct selling. They are a fulfillment service. At this point you're probably wondering what the point is. The point is that they can plug straight into other shops and markets such as Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Wix and more. Products are created in Printful and then pushed to your online shop. When someone buys from your shop Printful get the order and take care of all the production and shipping for you. I honestly really wanted this to work and spent quite a bit of time trying to like Printful but it is a bit clunky. The upload process feels a little slow and heavy. There does not seem to be a ability to upload to multiple products making it quite laborsome. I experimented using Printful with Etsy and I discovered there is some confusion as you end up obviously dealing with fees from both parties. Its something to watch out for because if you price your product too low I think you can potentially end up losing money on. So be careful! All that being said, if you can figure it out and it works for you it has the ability to be a incredibly powerful tool in the POD world.


Zazzle pretty much makes every best print on demand list and its easy to see why. Zazzle is probably closest to being a true print on demand site in that it does exactly that! It prints on demand. Need to print wedding invites? Draft something up and load it on Zazzle and then order it. Need personalised Christmas cards? Head to Zazzle. But I want to sell my artwork! Don't worry, Zazzle also sells artist prints and products which is why it makes this list. The problem for me is Zazzle is quite hard to navigate and the uploader is pretty exhausting. The last time I checked products can only be created one at a time, making it an incredibly slow and tedious process. It does make sales though and is a hugely successful platform so if you have the time and the patience it can be worth investing into.

8. Design By Humans

Design By Humans is another platform you have to apply to be on. Just send in a portfolio of at least 10 designs. Once you are approved you'll be able to set up your store front and start selling your designs. It is generally a good print on demand platform. The artist upload area is unfortunately quite hard to navigate and does feel a little less developed than other platforms. Its still a great platform to be on and definitely worth your time.

9. Fine Art America

Fine Art America feels like an older print on demand platform. The platform feels a bit overwhelming at times due to all the options and pages. It does however have the option to upload multiple artworks at once and has its own affiliate program making it pretty useful. I personally find sales to be a little slow on Fine Art America but other people might have more success. Overall it feels a little old but has a lot of potential.

10. Amazon Merch

I couldn't do a print on demand list without mentioning Amazon Merch. Its a platform that gets a lot of love from those that are on it. Unfortunately its quite hard to get on which is why I've bitterly included it at my number 10 spot. Amazon Merch only accepts artists / designers from certain countries due to what I can only guess is financial / tax concerns. My understanding is you have a much higher chance of getting accepted if you are based in the US. So if you are outside the US like me your chances are much narrower. From what I've heard Amazon Merch is generally much harder to get accepted into than it used to be and at times can reject you for no apparent reason. If you can get accepted I hear it can be an incredibly profitable platform. Overall its definitely worth joining but persistence is key.

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